Developed in conjunction with legendary guitarist Frank Gambale, this is a true signature model in that the artist had a great deal of input on each detail of the guitar. Ideal for high-speed soloing, this innovative acoustic-electric guitar also features custom wooden rosette and custom fingerboard inlay designed by Frank Gambale himself. This is a truly unique acoustic guitar as envisioned by a true guitar legend.



In my 50 plus years of playing, I have discovered that a small body can yield a big tone. We developed the right combination of woods, bracing and construction to hit a real tonal sweet spot.


Solid Adirondak spruce is my favorite for the top. I love the sound, the grain, everything, so that went onto the Luxe. I had to have an ebony fretboard, it just feels and looks…Luxe. We also added it to the top of the headstock as a gorgeous touch. The neck is solid mahogany.



I wanted access to the entire fretboard, so we designed the body on the Luxe to have the neck join the body at the 14th fret. The full-access is great. I can easily reach all the frets.


I am also a BIG fan of the Art Deco period so I wanted to incorporate some design cues from that period. You will see that on the headstock, the inlay, and the soundhole rosette. I designed each myself based on design ideas from that period that inspired me.



I wanted the LR Baggs system. It works for James Taylor, then it works for me!!! It sounds so natural. I didn’t want knobs or bulky mission control on the top side of the guitar. They generally look ugly and slants it more towards electric guitar. So, again, the LR Baggs is invisible with the volume and tone wheels at the top of the soundhole on the inside! Perfect!


I wanted something that would sonically achieve my goals, but also be something special. I was hoping to have something Australian on the instrument since I was born and raised there. The Cort team showed me a wood called Australian Flamed Blackwood….wow, it was so beautiful. It is very reminiscent of Hawaiian Koa and it sounds great. That was the perfect fit for Luxe.


I was very clear also that I wanted all the guitars set up as I like them set up and that is, with a plain G string and extra light strings. Many people thought it would sound thin, or won’t project….and I say…no no no!!! This guitar is so balanced and resonant right across the whole range on the fretboard. One of the first things I do to judge the tone and volume of an acoustic guitar is to play the highest string firmly from the 10th fret then up one fret at a time as high as you can go. If it sounds plink plink plink, put it down and check out another acoustic guitar. If go ding ding ding like a lovely bell, then chances are, the entire guitar will do the same. It’s REALLY hard to get the highest string (and I have a .10 as the top string folks) to resonate and ring clearly on an acoustic guitar. This guitar rings like a bell and the tone and volume beautifully balanced through the range of the instrument. I think it’s the wonderful combination of woods and the classical guitar body dimensions that is a powerful combination that just works!



Luxe is the acoustic that I always wanted and I believe many other players will find it a revelation. The entire Cort team has been great to work with on this. They have so many decades of guitar building expertise and shared my commitment to making something exceptional. I hope you love the Luxe as much as I do.


BODY Concert body
NUT WIDTH 43mm bone nut
TOP Solid Adirondack Spruce top
BACK & SIDES Flamed Blackwood back & sides
FRETBOARD Ebony fingerboard
INLAY Custom ArtDeco inlay
ROSETTE Custom wooden rosette
BRIDGE Ebony bridge
STRINGS D’Addario Coating String: custom gauge (010-014-018 unwound-030-039-047)
ADDITIONAL Sonically enhanced UV finish
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