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To register your guitar, please complete and submit the form below.
This online Registration Form applies to products purchased from an Authorized Dealer registered with the AUthorized International Distributor. To locate your nearest authorized International Distributor, click here.
Your information will be delivered to the Authorized International Distributor near you. Each Country/Distributor may have a different Warrany Policy. For further information, please contact your nearest Authorized Dealer.
Please note that the warranty may not cover instruments which have been purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
  • Cor-Tek Corp. collects and uses the following personal information for product registration and aftermarket servicing needs.

  • * Data Collection Purpose
  • - Product info and management of aftermarket services

  • * Data Collection Items
  • - Name, Country, Email Address

  • * Data Storage and Usage Period
  • - The above personal information will be used for the term of the aftermarket services upon the user's agreement has been submitted.

  • You reserve the right to not agree to Cor-Tek Corp's usage of your personal information for minimal servicing purposes and, should you not agree to this usage, the aforementioned services will not be rendered.

  • I agree to above data collection and usage of the personal information.
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