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Frank Gambale's interview on his signature model "Cort LUXE" Artist News
Frank Gambale's interview on his signature model "Cort LUXE"
Fusion guitar legend Frank Gambale needs little introduction. From pioneering the revolutionary sweep picking technique to working with some of the greatest jazz-fusion musicians in the world, Frank Gambale has always been about musical innovation and cutting-edge techniqu..
Grand Regal Press Release Product News
Grand Regal Press Release
Cort Guitars is pleased to announce its new Grand Regal line of acoustic guitars featuring various exotic woods that have never been used before in Cort’s production history. The new line debuts with the GA5F-MD but will include additional models to be released at a l..
Hedras' Shredding Lesson Series News & Events
Hedras' Shredding Lesson Series
Guatemalan rock guitar virtuoso and Cort artist Hedras Ramos and Cort have collaborated on a series of instructional videos aimed at the Spanish-speaking market of high-energy rock guitar players. Hedras is an instrumental rock guitarist with some of the most wicked chops a..
Sunset Nylectric Press Release Product News
Sunset Nylectric Press Release
On March 22, 2016 in Seoul, Korea, Cort Guitars announced an exciting new guitar model, the Sunset Nylectric. This new nylon-string electric guitar is Cort’s latest addition to the Sunset Series – a line that aspires to infuse an acoustic character to the electri..
Artisan B5 Plus AS Press Release Product News
Artisan B5 Plus AS Press Release
On January 21, 2016 in Cincinnati, OH, Cort Guitars announced an updated version of the popular B5 Plus AS bass guitar. This new upgraded model is a part of the Cort Guitars’ highly-regarded Artisan Series and now features the Markbass MB-1EQ, further adding value a..
Artisan C4 Plus ZBMH Review Product News
Artisan C4 Plus ZBMH Review
Cort is pleased to announce a review of the new Artisan C4 Plus ZBMH by BassTheWorld.com, an authoritative and respected source for all things bass. The Artisan received especially high marks for Bartolini pickups and Markbass preamp for their superb sound quality and ver..
All Mahogany Special Acoustics Product News
All Mahogany Special Acoustics
Cort’s new All-Mahogany acoustic guitars featuring the AF150M, SFX-MEM, and AS mini M were introduced to the press in February. Designed and developed with players interested in the look, feel and sound of all-mahogany construction, the three models provide differen..
Frank Gambale's LUXE Artist News
Frank Gambale's LUXE
In 2016, Cort announced the collaboration with legendary fusion guitarist Frank Gambale and the introduction of the new Frank Gambale Luxe acoustic-electric guitar. This stunning new instrument is now featured on Cort’s Facebook page. Developed with close collaborati..
Cort at London Bass Guitar Show 2016! News & Events
Cort at London Bass Guitar Show 2016!
London Bass Show : Cort attended the London Bass Show on March 12 and 13 and was represented with a dedicated booth by Cort’s UK distributor Proel to further boost Cort’s presence at the show. With Italian bassist Lorenzo Feliciati demonstrating the new Cort A..
Meet us at Namm Show, Hall C 4456 News & Events
Meet us at Namm Show, Hall C 4456
It’s NAMM time again and Cort has some exciting new products to unveil for 2016: new artist model launch, and a revamped lineup based on feedback from our customers. Cort will be at Hall C booth 4456. We look forward to seeing you at NAMM!
[NAMM 2016 Preview] "LUXE"  News & Events
[NAMM 2016 Preview] "LUXE"
[NAMM 2016 Preview] Please welcome our new signature artist Frank Gambale! Cort "LUXE" is signature acoustic guitar developed in conjunction with legendary guitarist Frank Gambale, this is a true signature model in that the artist had a great deal of input on eac..
 MBC-1 Awarded MIA Best Electric Guitar of the Year ! Product News
MBC-1 Awarded MIA Best Electric Guitar of the Year !
Congratulations!   MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy signature model has wan MIA music awards! After sucessful launch in 2015, Cort Manson MBC-1 won the Best Electric Guitar of the Year awards from MIA.    The Music Industries Association (..